Samsung owes Apple $ 120 million -


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Saturday, 8 October 2016

Samsung owes Apple $ 120 million

The war of Apple and Samsung for patents is still present in the courts of the United States. The Federal Court of Appeal in the United States has rectified the opinion that poured in February, ruling in favor of Apple and Samsung imposing payment of 119.6 million dollars to Cupertino.

The oddest thing about the news is that Apple has just left behind the use of slide to unlock with the arrival of iOS 10 to your iPhone and iPad. Anyway, Samsung had not copied pay as one of the most mythical phrases bitten apple company.

Swipe to unlock the most expensive in history

Samsung use this phrase has turned out more expensive than any user to buy an iPhone. The Koreans had no better idea than to plagiarize the phrase, knowing that was patented by the company and that was a hallmark.

the complaint was rejected in the first instance to Apple

In this case, Apple claimed Samsung patents "Slide to unlock", and correction and the way in which calls are made in the contact list. The set of payments for these violations was 98.7 million (as calculated by Apple). In February, the Court ruled in favor of Samsung, as declared null patents that Apple used to sue Samsung. However, as expected, the Court has rectified its decision and has given reason to Apple.

This statement is behind a case of utmost importance that also involves both companies and is scheduled to continue next week in the Supreme Court of the United States. The outcome of this trial will determine how much is the total of which Samsung due to Apple for infringing its design patents iPhone.

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