Samsung purchase Viv, an artificial intelligence from the creators of Siri -


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Thursday, 6 October 2016

Samsung purchase Viv, an artificial intelligence from the creators of Siri

This week we attended the presentation of Google Pixel, mobiles that are representative of the company and not so much from Android Google as a manufacturer and artificial intelligence as the soul of smartphones. Google Assistant will have a prominent role in these Google Pixel paper. It was clear that this would create a schism within Android.

Samsung is the most direct competition from Google Pixel. High-end standard-bearer in Android, is more than likely see the new smartphones as a threat. In fact, symptoms could have given it: Samsung has gone shopping to acquire VIV, artificial intelligence company that developed Siri.

Viv, artificial intelligence able to write their own code

It is inevitable to mention Siri and Apple because the creators of Viv, Dag Kittlaus, Adam Cheyer and Chris Brigham, developed such personal assistant; which was acquired by Apple in 2010. Following his departure from the company, the developers focused on Viv, a system of revolutionary artificial intelligence.

Viv is still in development and not yet officially released, but, according to the progress, promises to revolutionize personal assistance in those devices which come integrated. And it does so based on two key principles:

  • Viv allows interaction chained instead of instruction to instruction. In addition to responding to an order or suggestion, it is able to follow the context without the user rephrase the question above to add more questions. Viv behaves like a person when addressing a global conversation.
  • Artificial intelligence that gives "life" to not only learn Viv situations, it is also able to write your own code to be assuming new tasks. This, beyond susceptibilities (a software reaches the level of self written impresses), allows Viv behave more autonomous and humane manner.
The advantages over Siri and the new Google Assistant is their greater ability to learn and the most human behavior. These details are what differentiate a true assistant software that you only responds and interacts with the phone, powerful for Samsung acquired Viv reasons.

Artificial intelligence will be the battlefield on smartphones

We saw the war between personal assistants for mobile from Samsung and Apple incorporated them intimately in their smartphones. Siri, S Voice, Google came next with your Now, now Google Assistant ... Sundar Pichai said on Oct. 4 that, after the step taken by the popularisation of mobile telephony, the following would be the artificial intelligence.

It surrounds us and makes life responds to our needs even without us being aware that interact with it. The artificial intelligence of Google, Facebook or our smartphone, always attentive to serve us. In that sense Google is Assistant. Also Siri. And Samsung still has a long way to go.

The South Korean manufacturer being left behind in this new battle for the software. In addition, you may anticipate the war to be formed within Android after the staging of Google Pixel. To Implement a system based on Viv to highlight their future Samsung Galaxy assistant? It's logical. Even this purchase is the first step to make Android for Tizen.

Viv will be linked to Samsung, but will continue as an independent company

It is early to guess what will you do with this software Samsung artificial intelligence and the team that developed it , but everything points to improve his assistant S Voice in the next Samsung Galaxy. Furthermore, it would not be strange Gear Home a new line following the trend of personal assistants for home.

The company behind Viv remain independent from Samsung. You will have a free hand to further develop its product and even to reach agreements with other companies for their use. the price that both companies have agreed for the acquisition is not known.

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