Samsung stops production of the Galaxy Note 7

After a week where Samsung has not stopped listening to the new models of Galaxy Note 7 still on fire suddenly, the South Korean company has decided to stop its development globally.

Recall that in September the company had to stop production for the first time the device because a problem related to battery overheating derived in the same ended by fire.

Weeks after the crisis, Samsung announced a replacement program to change all devices in the market for a new model with the problem corrected ... or so they thought, because how I said, new models of Galaxy Note 7 still on fire suddenly how original model.

Moreover, all this you have to add that two of the major phone providers in the United States, AT & T and T-Mobile have announced the decision to stop selling the Galaxy Note 7 to all its customers, accepting returns and alternatives for those who already have one.

Even so, Samsung has contacted Associated Press, there are working to address quality issues Galaxy Note 7. A difficult problem because Understandably, the user loses all hope and confidence in the device each passing minute.

In short, the new models of Galaxy Note 7 continue to suffer from the problem that caused the company to withdraw them from the market, so if we add all users who have decided to make the jump to iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus because of these problems, we can confirm that Samsung is hot ( Ba Dum Tss! ).
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