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Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Scanning files without using antivirus

Each day that passes antivirus and threats proliferate generally a colossal way. Therefore it is suitable to have alternatives and how to protect against them. Today we will teach you how to scan files without using antivirus.


Do you find yourself away from home and do not trust a file that you just passed ?, smoothly. With this tool you can upload the file and the service tell if you are infected or not. You will not have to download anything or install third-party program. You can do it from your browser. You will be able to scan files and online addresses.

  • The first thing we will do is open our favorite browser. Let the search bar and enter the following address:
  • We will display the next page, which has a very simple and intuitive interface.

  • What we will do is give "choose file" and find the file of yore in our order. The maximum weight of the object is 128 MB.
  • Another option that has this page is scanned a URL without using antivirus. It will be as easy as giving the tab that says "URL". The following will write to be scanned.

In a few minutes we will get the result by reporting the number of threats that page. In case of having no will tell us too; obviously.

Incidentally you can see in the example we are virus free. So keep visiting without problem.
And that's all, that's how you can analyze files and directions without using antivirus. Never compromise your security, remember that you endanger your personal data. In fact even your purchasing power.


I leave a list with similar web pages, if you want a second opinion.
  • Virusscan
  • Metadefender
  • VirScan
  • F-secure
Without further ado I hope you have served this article. Remember that we love to read your comments, so feel free to leave your opinion in the box below. Thanks for your time.

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