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Friday, 14 October 2016

SensePeanut, How to Convert Your Home in Smart affordably

Currently, intelligent home technology, the devices that comprise it , are expensive, and in many cases to install complicated for a normal user. Technology companies are working to solve these problems, but still fail too promising results.

Still, we can not deny the many advantages , possibilities, efficiency, and comfort that give the user after overcoming installation procedures. Being able to control the state of our house without another tool that our smartphone or tablet us It allows better use our personal space, and of course, our time.

Sense, a company in search of balance

In order to bring these benefits to the masses, a company called Sense, has been working on a series of accessories compatible with our iPhone and iPad. With them they allow us, without an arduous installation or a large outlay, know our home and monitor our health in more depth.

These sensors are SensePeanut, minimalist design devices that connect via Bluetooth to your iPhone or iPad. Thus, it is not necessary to have a "hub" function as an intermediary with our smartphone or tablet, but communicated directly with him. This is an advantage on the one hand but a disadvantage on the other it is not compatible with HomeKit and therefore need a specific app.

ThermoPeanut, the first of many

The first sensor available for 30 euros in shop Sense , is the ThermoPeanut. As the name suggests, it is a thermometer that will provide at all times the temperature of the place where it 's place, also offering a history from the app to follow the variation of this, which we can not lose detail.

After this, they will SleepPeanut others like to control our dream; or PeanutButton, allowing us to execute some actions previously configured with the push of a button. So affordably, we can control various aspects of our health house and intelligently.

So, now that it is beginning to reach the masses the smart home technology, it may be time to start to take a chance on this concept. A concept increasingly important in the world of technology cobra.

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