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Saturday, 1 October 2016

Sharp OLED screens could make the next iPhone

Apple may be in search of a new distributor for its next iPhone screen, which can safely be the iPhone in August and it is speculated that Apple may skip the iPhone 7s.

The Cupertino company is in talks with Sharp Corp. to ensure the production of OLED displays for the next generation iPhone. Any supply agreement depend on the production capacity of the company, he has reported a person who prefers to remain anonymous.

Sharp and production of OLED screens

Apple is looking to expand the number of suppliers of OLED displays, in turn, Sharp has announced that it will invest 566 million dollars in the development of production facilities OLED systems. The aim of the company is that these facilities are ready in June 2018.

This strategic plan is designed by its new owner: Foxconn Technology Group; as the first big move after purchase. The new generation of displays based on OLED technology promises more vivid and less battery drain images. Money invested in development, is specifically in the development of screens for smartphones.

What this movement Sharp is?

Some experts claim that this movement Sharp is a company response to the actions of Apple, they do not expect their facilities are ready until 2018 which is when they are sure to extract profit with the company on the block - or when they talked about start collaborating.

Others speak of the possibility that Apple is claiming certain possibility Sharp production, and when this company can get it manufacture their screens. Why Sharp has made such a large investment in their factories.

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