Sony finally makes the leap announcing the arrival of 5 new titles for iOs -


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Saturday, 15 October 2016

Sony finally makes the leap announcing the arrival of 5 new titles for iOs

Sony finally decided to participate in the mobile platform, announcing the arrival of 5 new games for iOS and Android. It seems that the Japanese have decided to go for mobile gaming, bringing an offer that will see the middle of 2018. And, since the outbreak caused by Pokémon GO , mobile games have regained ground and drawing attention of many people around of the world.

Sony, Apple and Japan itself to game development are targeted to mobile platforms

All this suggests that large Japanese companies want to invest in the field of mobile games, which are the first ones to start worldwide. So far, Sony has not given many details or even the names of the titles that will come both iOS and Android; therefore, we have to wait a little longer to see the first images or videos on them.

At the same step as Apple has started its movements to Japan, given the meeting that took Apple CEO, Tim Cook, with top executives of Nintendo, for the arrival Super Mario Run to iOS. Furthermore, the fact that Japan is the country with the largest population of players worldwide adds.

This may start some minor fight between Nintendo and Sony, which is already under way for their consoles. The arrival of new titles from Sony to IOS, would be a great enjoyment of the faithful to the company followers, mainly by the ease that this will represent to enjoy a good gaming experience from the comfort of your device, without the need for have a console.

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