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Monday, 17 October 2016

Sorcery! 4 Know the Best Adventure of the Month on your iPhone and iPad

Mobile gaming companies have been working hard lately to get the best games for our devices. They are creators of epic adventures able to catch even the most skeptical. Today we'll talk about Sorcery! 4 , a game that may be the best that you can try on iOS or any other platform.

A big adventure

About a year ago inkle released his adaptation of Sorcery! Steve Jackson's book. The game changed the way players saw the games on mobile platforms.

The developers took the time to pamper this series of mobile games with a special affection, with details that those who have already read the original stories will appreciate.

It is not necessary to have played the previous installments to start this adventure, but it is advisable. We assure you will not regret doing so. In addition, all decisions are taken keeping Iran from the first game to this, to maintain continuity in your story.

An epic story

Improvements in mechanical are not so palpable in this release as if they were in Sorcery! 3. The combat system continues to function very well. You'll have to get to get to know your enemies if you want to defeat them, but you always have the option of retrying in case something goes wrong.

In the section of sound we have to stop for a moment, it is that the game sounds almost equal to its predecessor. However, this is a good thing, since the previous release had a sound of very high caliber, and here you can still enjoy this quality.

The difficulty on this occasion has been increased, and now the game will not allow us to make decisions again after spending some extent. This change in the system is explained in the game, so it is not a random decision.

The conclusion of a saga

Like everything in life, the saga Sorcery! comes to an end with this fourth installment, and no doubt is going all out.

The role play focuses on providing a vivid story, full of details and twists that make the plot becomes intense as we go. In addition, the power to make decisions that will change our history is a point very much in favor of this game.

If you want to really enjoy Sorcery! 4, we recommend that you take a look at his three previous installments, you will not you will regret.

Definitely going to miss this saga has more of a joy left us. Those of inkle definitely know how to make their games are memorable, and Sorcery! 4 have made it more than clear.

If you want to buy, you can find at 4.99 euros on the App Store.

Have you tried this incredible adventure? Lets you answer in the comments!

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