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Thursday, 6 October 2016

Storage not have problems on your iPhone with this adapter

It has been a month since the last keynote of Apple, which finally ended with the already outdated option of 16GB of storage to make way for the 32 GB as basic option in its iPhone and iPad devices.

This jump, though late, really helps users to forget about the annoying pop-up message windows cast your terminal whenever looked in need of space. But the files keep growing and growing, and do not let our smartphones.

This is especially the quality leap of our images and videos, according to the leap in size have. We just have to see how the 4K video can make free space disappears from our memory in minutes (In many cases, literally).

The solution to our problems, goes through an old friend

To avoid these problems, the accessory manufacturer Gigastone has put on sale a kit that enables you to use microSD cards through an adapter Lightning also include the same card 64GB high speed, thereby we should not need more space for a while.

Thanks to the adapter, and software company owner, you can access the contents of our microSD anywhere, without using a computer. It also gives us the opportunity to see the recordings of drones, action cameras, or other devices operating with this technology.

Price and Availability

The kit is now available on Apple Store and Apple Online Store in the US for a price of $ 80 and more countries coming soon. A somewhat higher price in my opinion, considering that a card with these characteristics is usually around $ 25, which would make the adapter itself would cost $ 55.

But, as always, it is at the discretion and need for each user to judge the value of a product because it is not possible to find much better alternative , at least at this price and considering the contents of the pack that offers Gigastone .

So we no longer have an excuse to get rid of those annoying alerts storage, more than the price we want to pay for the solution, something that certainly can be decisive.

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