Survey, "40% of Samsung mobile users will not return to buy more. -


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Monday, 17 October 2016

Survey, "40% of Samsung mobile users will not return to buy more.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 smart phone (I've Had) The best of Samsung. After the battery problem caused a worldwide recall. And the sale canceled Which many analysts Bureau estimated damage to it. Now let's see about that image. "Customers think," and to ensure the accuracy of the survey. To survey only those who have actually used during two years only. (Excluding devotees from other camps).

Samsung mobile users, more than 40% will not be back to buy again.

Branding Brand eCommerce solution providers surveyed owners of Samsung smartphones in the US, more than 1,020 people found that 40% would not return to buy smart phones, Samsung again whether any version. (The numbers increased by 34% from the previous survey. It is expected to issue a recall because the Galaxy Note 7).

46% of respondents had owned a Samsung smartphone in the last two years, while another 54% are truly disciples. It owns more than three years.

Unfortunately, over 70% of users will choose the Android Yu (8% of them expect to buy Google Pixel) The other 30% is in line with the changes to the iPhone news we've reported before Apple. Note 7 to benefit from the expected 5-7 million users switched to the iPhone 7.

Samsung is the hallmark of most customers appreciate the quick battery charger and use it for a long time. (Which used to be disadvantages for almost all versions of the iPhone), and at the same time on a battery problem. As a result, the confidence of customers fell to plus Apple's own iPhone has developed a battery management system as well. And use up more regularly.

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