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Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Syncing your iPhone or iPad with iOS 10 with Windows 10

So you've finally decided and you have upgraded your PC to Windows 10. Everything has a much more modern and light halo, but now I wonder if you can connect your iPhone or iPad to your computer and if you have really changed the process. Quiet, in this post we explain how to do it, but we can guarantee that the adaptation will be nothing hard: it is very easy to share photos, music and contacts between your iOS terminal 10 with a personal computer.

Although Apple designs the hardware and software of iPhone and iPad and Microsoft implements the computer operating system, everything is fitting perfectly and every time there is a greater fluidity.

However, before you start you should ask yourself if you really need to connect them . It is true that initially an iPhone required a computer - Mac or Windows - to make the most of, but today this is no longer necessary.

Syncing your iPhone or iPad with iOS 10 with Windows 10

To do this, you need iTunes on your computer, the official Apple content manager in addition to your player.

Downloading and installing iTunes

1) Open the browser and download it from the official website of Apple .

2) Give download. First will ask if you want to subscribe to the Newsletter, which we leave to your choice, although it is advisable to do to stay on top of your news - if we do not read yet -. It is a fairly quick process.

3) Go to Downloads and opens the installer, to be called something like iTunes6464Setup.exe.

4) Follow the instructions and accept the license.

5) Open iTunes program menu, you will find your welcome panel.

Finally you have iTunes installed, so you can manage files and backup of your iPhone or iPad.

When iTunes opens for the first time, perform a scan of your computer for multimedia content. Thus gathers all your music and videos you find on the system so you can transfer them.

Syncing your iPhone or iPad with Windows 10

1) You have two ways to sync your iPhone or iPad with your computer, or wirelessly via WiFi or the Lightning cable. Yes, the first time you will require the cable.

2) Connect the cable to your device and computer. Wait a few seconds.

3) In the iPhone screen a message appears asking if you trust this computer. Click "Yes".

4) Similarly, on the screen of Windows 10 will ask if we want to access the iPhone. It will press to continue.

5) Open iTunes on Windows 10.

6) Click over the device with the silhouette of your iPad or iPhone.

Once in this section, make sure the option Backup automatically is selected. In addition, you'll see various options to configure apps, music, movies and other content that can sync. Simply select them and click on sync when you're all set.

The selected content is copied from your Windows 10 to your iPhone or iPad. Of course, keep in mind that any music or videos that were previously on your device will be deleted and replaced by the selected in Windows, so make sure to transfer all its content beforehand first.

Likewise, there are other softwares like CopyTrans that can help you transfer content from one device to the computer and vice versa.

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