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Sunday, 9 October 2016

Take 3D Touch Of Your iPhone With Quicky

A year ago the 3D Touch technology came to us with the launch of the iPhone 6s. With every iOS update its usefulness has been growing. Parallel to this, developers are using this technology to integrate into their applications. Today we'll talk about a new application that will save space on your screen using this technology.

What is Quicky?

Quicky is a very easy to use application that has a single function: to provide direct access to other applications from the homescreen using 3D Touch In other words, when we click on the icon Quicky with a little more force, we can access directly. up to four different applications of our device, saving significant space on the screen of our device.

Easy to use

Quicky use is very simple, just download the application on the App Store. After that, the run and a list of applications we appear, we can pick up a total of four, therefore these will when you press harder on the icon Quicky.

Quicky is not the only application that leverages 3D Touch iPhone to create shortcuts. There are other applications like Launcher Pro or Workflow also allow to do something similar, although the use of these is not as simple as quicky, because they are more applications powerful and versatile focused expert users.

How does it work?

Quicky is responsible for compressing four spaces for apps on your home screen in a single space. So, if you want to save some space on the home screen of your iPhone, you can make use of this application. The suggested use is to place Quicky iPhone in the dock to access up to four different apps with one touch.

Quicky can be downloaded from the App Store, it is free. However , it also has a paid version that provides additional functions such as sorting the list of apps in 3D Touch Importantly Quicky is compatible only with devices with 3D Touch ie. IPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus.


If you have many applications on your iPhone, Quicky be very useful because it can optimize the screen space by placing several applications in one space, within reach of a touch.

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