The 32 GB iPhone 7 Version could be the slowest -


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Wednesday, 12 October 2016

The 32 GB iPhone 7 Version could be the slowest

Apple has finally released how storage base 32GB iPhone, outpacing the 16 odious "gigas". However, it seems to choose the cheapest model will bring about major setbacks.

The 32GB version of the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus have lower storage rate, according to benchmarks that reveal the memory chip basic model gives results far worse than top models.

Speedgate on iPhone 7 32GB

Historically the iPhone have been sentenced to carry different manufacturing defects #Antenngate how the iPhone 4, the iPhone #Bendgate 6, the #Chipgate iPhone 6s, the #Scuffgate Jet Black iPhone in July and now the iPhone #Speedgate 7.

For years, discovered "defects" in any iPhone he became the cottage industry, with different means and youtubers thrashing newly launched devices and terminals subjecting the craziest tests to corroborate this ruling.

This will not be needed Speedgate crazy tests, or videos on YouTube to prove anything, because some benchmarks have been able to find the key to the slow work of storing iPhone7.

Testing the 32GB iPhone7

There have been a series of tests on the basic model of the iPhone 7 along the 128GB and 64GB iPhone 6s Plus. The 32GB model has not arrived at any time to exceed 800 points while the other two models are between 1300 and 1700 points ...

In these test image we can see that the 32GB model of the new iPhone has rather poor results in tests, surpassed even by the iPhone 6s Plus. In addition, to denote the iPhone 7 128GB is eight times faster than its brother smaller capacity. Something that leaves us with a bittersweet feeling.

How have you been to see this? Do you think Apple is punishing users who choose to opt for the cheapest model?

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