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Sunday, 2 October 2016

The 5 Best Horror Games for iPhone and iPad

As we all know, there are many types of games in the App Store, and here in CP we've played all categories, from so simple games like solitaire to elaborate and such famous games like Pokémon GO with which we can walk with our companion .

However, today we talk about the five best horror games that you can download on our device. For lovers of this genre, both movies and games, the best experience we could have is obviously come to feel a real fear when we're playing. Then we leave a list of Terror games for iPhone and iPad essential for you to spend afraid of truth.

The School: White Day

3D graphic This game may be one of the best known in the terrifying scene. In this we will be an Asian student who has been stuck in a classroom of a school riddled with mysteries and terrifying rumors.

Forest 2

In this enhanced version Forest we're in a forest where we know that there is a loose ghost. Our mission is to escape both the forest and the ghost and get fade. Thanks to this game can enjoy some surprises and tension free.

IV Mental Hospital

Surely all of us have brought to light at some point our survival instinct. This game will help us to use as we will be a survivor person in a nursing home which we have to escape, but the characters of the game we are not going to put anything easy.

Slendrina: The Cellar

We all remember the famous game in which Slenderman were walking through a forest of the scariest. In this free version we will have to walk through a very dark basement careful not meet which could well be her older sister.

Dungeon Nightmares II

This new improved version will make us experience firsthand a long list of nightmares that we have, such as fear of heights or dark places. These can experience the countless walking through corridors that lead us to creepy situations

These games can get to make live our worst nightmares or put us in a situation where we would like never imagined. We must also remember that this is a game and we are holding a device in our hands so be careful. Just in case we leave the best protectors for iPhone .

Do you dare to play any of these games? Do you have tasted? What is your opinion?

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