The All New iPhone 7's New Home Button - Waterproof -


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Tuesday, 4 October 2016

The All New iPhone 7's New Home Button - Waterproof

It is true that Apple has not introduced major changes at the design level in the iPhone 7 and / or the iPhone 7 Plus . However, some details have been polished as the repositioning of the antenna bands, removal of the jack of 3.5 mm, and the implementation of a new Home button touch with táptico engine.

While removing the connector jack 3.5 mm. Has not been to the liking of all users, the design change antenna bands and the new Touch Home button embedded in the casing itself have been well received among consumers.

But ... is it really functional new iPhone Home button 7 and iPhone 7 Plus? The answer is yes, and here are our reasons.

1. No moving parts

Touch the Home button ID introduced in the iPhone 5S and later devices like the iPhone 6 or iPad Air 2 had some hardware problems. It turns out that after extensive use (and sometimes not so much) the Home button ended up moving the site, causing users choose not to use it to save problems and repairs. In the case of the iPhone in July this does not happen, and that does not have any moving parts, just use the engine to simulate táptico "clicks".

2. It is possible to customize

During the setup process iPhone 7 you will find a new menu to customize the sensitivity levels Home button. Something that you can change whenever you want via Settings> General> Home Button.

3. It's supersensitive

The new iPhone Touch Home button 7 is much stronger, more consistent, and more sensitive than the Home button previous generations. This implies that their reaction to contact with our skin is practically instantaneous, and functionality Touch ID has become much faster.

4. It is waterproof

Obviously, we could not leave without mentioning that the technology implemented in the hardware of the new iPhone Touch Home button 7 makes water resistance (and dust). Although, as always, we recommend not immerse the smartphone underwater for a long time.

Video analysis

Finally we leave you with a video review of the new iPhone Home button 7 boys 9to5macfriends :

What do you think the Touch Home button iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus? Like the feeling you provide?

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