The App Store is beginning to show results and is not working at all well -


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Friday, 7 October 2016

The App Store is beginning to show results and is not working at all well

Users of iPhone and iPad visited often (or very often) the App Store in search of that application or game you're looking for , whether a particular title, or simply that of meeting with some surprise that makes us enjoy even more of our beloved Apple devices.

Although all counts, the truth is that without apps could not do almost nothing with our iPhone or iPad. Therefore, the catalog of the Apple store is ever expanding for both apps and games payment as to what we can download for free (although it is customary to meet payments in app).

In any case, it is clear that we visit the App Store very often, and comes a novdedad on rumored in recent months: Sponsored applications in the App Store. It is ad apps and games that appear as suggestions. But it is not clear if it is a really useful for users measure.

Ads in the App Store, a help or a hindrance?

The idea is to help us discover new apps and games with this initiative, which at first may sound good, but apparently that's assuming some problems for Apple online store. As stated in Venture Beat , this sponsorship application is not showing good results.

So far this new system is operating in the US App Store. The aforementioned website explains that the search "Pokémon", the main result is the false application "Catch em", which appears by default. This means that a false app goes above the rest that themselves are legitimate, appearing as sponsored.

The result is shown highlighted in blue, which can make the download an application error that we are not looking. This is a function in the App Store that still needs to be improved, but for now it seems that all he has done is confuse users and give advantage to apps and games that are not legitimate.

Do you think good idea for the App Store show these ads? Do not hesitate to comment and show us your opinions!

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