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Tuesday, 4 October 2016

The App Store is finally Compatible with iOS10 Multitasking

Apple said it would implement new changes in the iOS App Store. The application store for iPhone and iPad do not need a renovation to provide users of iOS 10 best experience, but the Cupertino company will introduce small very interesting details to polish its interface and usability.

First, Apple is expected to soon introduce a system of promotional ads in the search field application from the App Store. This innovation will allow developers to pay for their apps appear on the top Search and reach more users.

Second, Apple has created a new button notifications for applications and games from the App Store that are in pre-launch period. An ideal solution for users to know when your favorite apps will be available form.

Third and last, the App Store has finally received support multitasking and Split Over View Slide on iOS . 10 A long - awaited functionality!

Multitasking comes to the App Store iOS 10

It is remarkable to note that we have only tested, for now, multitasking with iOS App Store in October. So it is quite possible that the Split View Slide Over and functions of the App Store also work on iOS 9.

For anyone who is not already familiar with the subject, and Split Over Slide View are two benefits introduced in iOS 9 and allow iPad users to use and interact with multiple applications simultaneously. You can learn more about iOS multitasking with this comprehensive guide Slide Over and Split View .

Interestingly, you do not need to download any updates to use multitasking with the App Store, because it is a native application and its updates are implemented through the app servers themselves. Can you imagine update the App Store application from the same App Store? How strange it would be! 😉

So, now you can already surf the web while you take a look at the latest releases of the App Store, see Netflix series while downloading your favorite new game, and more. What do you think of this new feature? Did you were expecting?

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