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Saturday, 15 October 2016

The Apple Store without Cable theft for customer convenience

As a company, Apple is known for its attention to detail throughout the process that occurs from the presentation of a product, to the use thereof by customers. Through technical support, marketing, and of course, experience selling in the own Apple Store, which continue to grow in number and scope .

It is no wonder, therefore, that measures such as told in this article are given. Measures come to sacrifice the safety of their stores after a better user experience them.

Farewell to theft, to put the iPhone in your pocket

As indicated from CNET , in reporting on the renewed Regent Street store in London, it has begun to remove the anti - theft system installed on the iPhone in many of its stores around the world.

This implies two things, first, customers can get a better idea of how you feel the iPhone in your hand. But, on the other hand, they may also take it without sounding any alarms as they are not installed, or at least, is what is meant. Of course, this measure shall not apply to time in larger devices like the MacBook, but it would not be surprising that what they had just done. As for the competition, I think it certainly would be unthinkable to do something like this.

The always curious strategy of selling Apple

Thus we see again, as the Cupertino company, re-use unusual strategies in order to improve their contact with the consumer. No doubt it is really curious that decide to dispense with a security element so that potential customers can catch it better and put it in his pocket.

Only Apple, in their eagerness to please his customers would, ignoring the fact that the theft of a pair of iPhones not affect them at all to your benefit account. Either way, what time it would think someone unprotect their "goods" to sell better? Is it really necessary?

Having an iPhone in your hands without the cumbersome cable lock can help you buy it , but really it is a good idea?

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