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Thursday, 13 October 2016

The Apple Watch, the device Doll accurate to Measure Heart Rate

The American company always wants to get their devices are the best and in the case of Apple Watch would not be less. Now, a recent study says that Apple smartwatch device is more accurate when measuring heart rate wrist.

Apparently, the Apple Watch offers a 90% accuracy when measuring the user 's heart rate through the sensor that is fitted at the bottom. This is achieved thanks to Apple decided to integrate a heart rate sensor in the Watch instead of using the tecnologíaa off-the-shelf.

Cleveland Clinic researchers have recently discovered through a study that the Apple Watch wrist device is the most accurate on the market today when measuring the user 's heart rate. Here we have more details about this study and the results obtained.

The Apple Watch is the best wrist device to measure heart rate

For the study, researchers at Cleveland Clinic faced the Apple Watch with other wearables devices like the Fitbit Charge HR, the Mio Alpha or Basis Peak. After analyzing each found some significant differences between the devices.

To perform the tests also used 50 people connected to an electrocardiogram as they walked, ran or were at rest. The results are subsequently compared with data obtained by heart rate devices, where the Apple Watch made the difference with 90% accuracy in most situations.

Meanwhile, other devices analyzed in the study obtained a precision that was around 80%. On the other hand, also they used a device that attaches to the user's chest through a belt obtained 99% accuracy, but in regard to the Watch wrist devices is the best.

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