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Sunday, 9 October 2016

The Best 3 Music Apps are a must on your iPhone

We all know that the music application of IOS is excellent, and now with Apple Music more complete, but as usual there are users who do not quite convince them.

Alternatives to the native music app are numerous, dozens of players flood the musical section of the App Store.

Music streaming has gained much ground, even to overcome in some cases , downloads of songs on any platform devices.

The figures are clear and point to three leading players in this category of the app store. Here are the top three music players that can not miss on your iPhone.


Since its launch in 2008, the number of users has increased to a whopping currently owned: more than 100 million monthly users; of which 30 million are those who are subscribed to the Premium plan.

This is the streaming music service Music leader followed by Apple, which is on the heels.

The application download is free besides playing music with some limitations and advertising content, but simply pay the 9.99 euros of its Premium plan to enjoy all content without limits.

Google Play Music

Google, of course, was not going to stand idly by. In 2011 it launched this service storage and synchronization of music in the cloud, in addition to its online music store.

They have not specified the number of users, but if you look both criticism and the number of downloads we can deduce that is one of the most important music players.

Like Spotify, download is free besides playing music with some limitations and advertising during the first 30 days, then we must subscribe to the service by paying 9.99 euros per month to enjoy unlimited.


For users who love cover songs (songs by an artist versioned on the other) we have the wonderful world of SoundCloud.

It is an audio distribution platform online where users can collaborate, promote and distribute their music projects.

Users can upload their own content to your channel and the rest can comment, bookmark, share, etc. It is compatible with many applications . In short: a social network for musicians.

A few days ago its purchase by Spotify confirmed. So, as a personal opinion, probadla before the purchase is made, we do not know how to escape from this event. Free subscription download as much use.

Have you used any of these three magnificent music players? Which do you think is better? Are you against or for streaming music? Do not hesitate to write your opinion down here.

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