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Sunday, 9 October 2016

The best alternatives to Facebook for iPhone or iPad

Since its inception, Facebook grew as a global phenomenon forming a network of billions of users. This growth made it a must in every iPhone or iPad, but with constant updates hampered their use depending on the age of the mobile. The large consumption of megas, battery and cache, complicated things.

The solution of the company Mark Zuckerberg was going dividing the application into parts. Messenger was the first paragraphs, and then continue Groups, Pages Manager, mentions and even a Lite version of Facebook. But what interested many apps that lead to one? surely it is tedious.

Therefore, we bring in this article to Facebook alternatives that can be tailored to you and your mobile.

The best alternatives to the Facebook application

Social Media Vault

This application meets all social networks and allows us to enter from it, by entering a code. The idea of ​​the application is to see all our networks in a quick and simple way, allowing only network change by shaking the phone.

However, having all applications within a single can be dangerous, but this was also something contemplated, since it has an Anti-Hack system and different types of locks using codes. A very complete application if interested in being organized and have everything in the same place.


Among the features offered by this application is the option to associate more than one account, made more interesting. It also highlights its speed, simplicity and security. An application that is shown as a great alternative to Facebook, because it has a lot of dynamism and simplicity, key factors in this search.


This application is a special edition of Puffin browser. The concept of this alternative is "More for less", based on the idea of having a better service with less expense data. The best service is due to the virtual cloud using the application, which makes the operation very fast .

However, Puffin allows us to see photos in the highest quality, which can be done only by shaking the phone.

All these alternatives allow you to use the famous social network without falling into cons, most suffered for those using any iPhone or iPad oldest. Do you use any of these alternatives?

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