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Saturday, 15 October 2016

The best free Social Networking Apps for your iPhone

At present there are many social networks in which to navigate. The platforms are updated to keep pace, while others become obsolete in the short or long term. The best usually always free and so we bring you the best free social networking for your iPhone.

The best free social networking for your iPhone


Vine is the bet of the company Twitter in the world of the micro videos. The main feature of this network is that you have only 6 seconds to create the story, or show your idea in your video. This short period of time causes users to become very creative when uploading material.

However, if yours is not film and prefer to browse and just watch, can also be your social network, since creativity, mentioned above, makes it a fun social network.


Instagram was the first social network photo in stomp on the market. With its latest update added Instagram Stories, with which the user can upload photos or videos online would last for 24 hours, similar to Snapchat experience.

In this network, where celebrities and public figures abound, it is very easy dive, since the content is very large and easy to view. In turn, it is very convenient to communicate with other users. Bought by Facebook in 2012, without doubt is one of the social networks with more growth ahead.


SoundCloud is a social network refers to music, where one of its strengths is the content of Podcast. This network becomes a great option to find music of independent bands.

In turn, you can follow other users and see what they have heard music, artists who follow or playlists that have armed. You can also comment a song, at the exact moment you want within it, and see what other users have commented.


Snapchat is a platform based on photo and video, with the characteristic that everything you upload will be online only indefinitely. Therefore, once the online time let your photo or video is completed, it will be deleted forever.

With Snapchat lets you create stories of what you did in your day, follow celebrities more intimate way and watch news channels.


Pinterest boards can create beautiful your favorite images. This social network, based entirely on images, stands out for you with the possibility of expanding to express your personality and your tastes using custom boards.

A social network very fun and creative, which in its visuals are very interactive and dynamic, since you can find all kinds of image without the need to search for hours on the internet.


Facebook needs no introduction as it is the most used social network in the world. In recent years it was adding parallel applications that were performing other functions to make lighter the main application.

The iPhone application is complete, all that lacks is the ability to send messages, so you will need to download the application from Messenger .


Undoubtedly, another major current social networks, behind Facebook. Twitter is a micro blog application that offers quick social network interaction.

In turn, Twitter's main characteristic is that each state that you upload can not exceed 140 characters. Therefore, you must synthesize an idea in that enclosed space.

Do you use any of these applications? Do you use one that's not listed?

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