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Wednesday, 19 October 2016

The Best Games Endless Running for Apple TV (2016)

There are times when a quick practice match does not fall nothing wrong. Whether we're waiting to come and pick us up, or some friend advise us to leave, it's always good to be entertained in those moments when we are in white.

In this article we will show you the top four Endless Running for your Apple TV. Each with its own soul despite belonging to the same genus. We hope you like.

Alto's Adventure

If this game and looked beautiful on the small screen of an iPhone, we assure you will look even better on your TV. The game is going to perform tricks in our snowboard falling while going downhill. Climate and lighting will vary gradually.

As we move will accelerate the fall, so you should have very good reflexes in this game.


Although the game came out a while ago, today continues to impress us as it was of the most original in the subject. In Canabalt the subject matter is jumping from roof to roof, while accelerates the speed as progress through the level.

The good part is that you only have to give hints on Remote Siri, which helps avoid tiring fingers in long sessions.


PAC-MAN 256 was a very entertaining game on iOS, and is even more so in our Apple TV. In the game we move through an endless maze, leading to mouth all that comes our ahead - all very PAC-MAN, Vaya-.

crossy road

This may be the favorite of many of you. It is crossy road, a game where you have to cross the street with different characters as cars try to run us . If you are what you wait too long, an eagle descend from heaven and take you, so you lose everything you had on so far.

Apple TV have an addition that is the cooperative mode, and if both die, the game ends. Definitely a very fun option.

We hope this compilation has helped you find the best Endless Running for your Apple TV device. In this list there are all kinds, there 's even one that can play cooperatively!

Have you played any longer? Tell us what you thought!

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