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Thursday, 20 October 2016

The Best Games for Apple TV (2016)

Video games platform, which had its golden age during the eighties, are characterized by having to move, jump and move through platforms, with enemies through, along a stage. The best known references of this genre are Mario Bros, Sonic and Donkey Kong, among others.

In this article we collect the best platform games you can find for your Apple TV. The variety is very large , so something for all tastes and ages.
The best platform games for your Apple TV

Icycle: On Thin Ice

Icycle, the best platform game for your Apple TV

In Ycycle you must walk on a tiny bike through dangerous tracks, since they are frozen and can break as the go through.

In turn, you should be collecting all bubbles with which you go bumping along the road, without neglecting must avoid obstacles.

Beneath The Lighthouse TV

Beneath The Lighthouse, the best platform game for your Apple TV

The goal of this entertaining game is to get a white sphere out of a tangled maze that is falling. The whole scenario takes place within a picturesque sea near the lighthouse.

With the touchpad you must make moves in circles to rotate the stage and jump the obstacles and you will encounter as you progress. A very dynamic and fun game in a very simple theme.

Bean Dreams 2

Bean Dreams 2, the best platform game for your Apple TV

This fun game that maximizes the platform genre logo, has very good graphics animations, which give an incredible atmosphere throughout the scenarios. Its 70 levels make it a very fun and entertaining game for all ages.

This game is a reversal of laureate Bean's Quest, with the addition of many more features and levels to explore.

Mr. Crab

Mr. Crab, the best platform game for your Apple TV

Mr. Crab carries the flag of platform games in every way. With its fast and easy development dynamics becomes a fun game for the kids.

The aim of the game is to jump to the main character, Mr. Crab crab along the stage as you pass obstacles. In its 27 levels will find different enemies which must overcome to Mr. Crab rescue their young .

Edge Extended

Edge Extended, the best platform game for your Apple Watch

This classic, yet unusual, game challenges you to move a cube along a geometric universe. With its 3D design and its 48 levels, the experience is very entertaining in the visual.

Undoubtedly, the game will take you to think and develop the ingenuity, something that will make you dive into this hypnotic universe for a long time without getting bored.

There is no doubt that when playing platformers the hours fly by as they are dynamic and fun. We hope you have enjoyed these games and left the badge representing excellently, the genre of video game platforms.

Would you have liked the games? Do you play any other game platforms on your Apple TV?

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