The biggest attack Internet history is because of your bulbs -


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Saturday, 22 October 2016

The biggest attack Internet history is because of your bulbs

Did you yesterday having trouble connecting to the Internet with certain pages? You were not alone. Yesterday we witnessed one of the DDOS attacks with the greatest impact of Internet history, toppling services such as Twitter, Spotify or Whatsapp.

A DDOS attack is a type of cyberattack that is sent to a server more requests it can support. These requests are designed to prevent real users perceive the service is not running. Who he was to blame? In short, the Internet of Things.

Mirai, when the Internet of Things turns against you

Although the culprits have not been identified, the goal has been clear. This attack DDOS aimed to overthrow Dyn, one of the largest global DNS. This DNS is responsible for providing the addresses of sites like Twitter, Amazon, Tumblr, Reddit, Spotify or Netflix, so without it, it is impossible for our computer to know where these sites are.

Malware responsible for conducting this cyber attack has not been another Mirai. Mirai is a malware that is responsible for searching the Internet devices Internet of Things improperly shielded (with names and default administrator password) for infecting them . Once infected, the ciberatacante can use them to send web requests in a coordinated manner.

Devices of the Internet of Things usually IP cameras, bulbs WiFi, doors that open Internet, Thermostats Smart, etc. Many of them were turned yesterday in a botnet, responsible for the greatest cyber attack in history. Since Mirai became an Open Source Malware increasingly is used by more cyber attackers.

Should we leave the Internet of things?

This cyber attack has sensitized us about how truly dangerous it can become the Internet of Things, if you get the wrong hands have control. This cyber attack has been possible thanks to millions of devices that have user and administrator password by default, something that shows that sometimes the hardest blows received because of our carelessness.

We must bear in mind that the Internet of Things is developing. There are currently millions of connected devices, but in the future growth can be exponential, allowing attacks to knock down ability Internet completely like the cyber attackers.

It is necessary for the industry to work on solutions, and educate the millions of heedless that they should protect their devices more carefully users. Get control of a camera that watches our house or door opening system are risks we should not afford.

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