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Thursday, 6 October 2016

The Chamber Cover iPhone 7 It sapphire crystal

In recent weeks, several YouTube users have posted their videos undergoing extreme tests new iPhone 7 and 7 Plus for defects and to see to what extent are tough. Even some have come to doubt that the cover crystal iPhone rear camera 7 is made of sapphire, but Apple has resolved all doubts.

Depending on the scale of Mohs, sapphire has a rate of hardness of 9, just below the diamond located at position 10. Its hardness makes the sapphire crystal is resistant to scratches, why is a material used by manufacturers of high-end watches to protect their fields.

In the case of Apple, this time they have decided to use the sapphire crystal to protect the rear camera and the Home button on the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. In the video that appears under these lines spider cover rear camera iPhone 7 and the face of a Tassit (both sapphire crystal) Mohs clock using special tools.

Apple dispels any doubt about the use of sapphire in iPhone camera 7

The creator of the video says it has used a tool to check the hardness "Mohs 6", so it should not affect the sapphire crystal. However, both the iPhone 7 as the clock scratch and theory about it is that is made of laminated glass or sapphire sapphire impure because it is a material that should withstand scratches from this tool.

This test and similar users have made many believe that Apple has lied about the use of pure sapphire crystal on the back cover iPhone camera 7. Given these concerns, the US company has released a statement putting into question the methods used in the video for testing.

And in the video tools are used to determine the composition of sapphire and find carbon, but not known for sure if there was any contamination or during the test. Apple confirms camera lens iPhone 7 is sapphire and under appropriate hardness test and the results expected by the sapphire purity are achieved.

Phil Schiller, Apple executive also confirmed last month through his personal Twitter account that the rear lens cover iPhone 7 and 7 Plus is made of sapphire crystal.

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