The Curse of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 comes to the iPhone 7 -


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Saturday, 22 October 2016

The Curse of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 comes to the iPhone 7

Matt Jones said he had left his iPhone 7 under clothes, in the car, but when he returned to his vehicle, was surprised to discover that it was filled with smoke and burned in the same area where he had placed mobile.

Pants with whom he had wrapped the iPhone 7 before going to his surfing lesson, were still in flames when he reached his car. It could be just a coincidence, or perhaps the iPhone 7 would have almost the same problems of overheating and discontinued the Samsung Note 7.

The man bought his iPhone in July just a week ago and says he has not fallen or has used a charger other than the device itself. Matt Jones, thinks the phone is to blame for the incident and shared images showing the melted remains of the device and damage.

Apple is aware of the denunciation of this unfortunate surfer. In a statement, a spokesman for Apple said the company is "in contact" with Jones to investigate the matter.

It seems that the battery technology based lithium ion does not react well to heat, as temperatures in Australia may be as high as the sun can melt plastic interior components automobile components. As Jones left the phone in your car, it is possible that the device became so hot that the heat caused the battery to catch fire.

Apple must now investigate whether this was an isolated case, or whether this represents the first symptom of one of the biggest headaches that will face. It happened with the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, since the company had to take the radical step of suspending production of its smartphone by problems in the device battery that exploded and caught fire.

It seems that the number 7 is actually the number of bad luck.

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