The free service Spotify malicious pop-ups displayed on your desktop application -


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Thursday, 6 October 2016

The free service Spotify malicious pop-ups displayed on your desktop application

Not everything seems to go well for the world's leading music streaming service Spotify, as many users have been complaining that the application has been showing pop-ups from malicious sites.

This only seems to affect users with a free service Spotify, where the application for MacOS and Windows has been serving malware laden websites.

During the course of a music track streaming, users who have Spotify service Free claiming browser windows that appear questionable sites, and start executable flash and potentially infectious Javascript.

It seems that Mac users are particularly affected by the problem, forcing them to deal with pop - ups that appear every few minutes and lead to potentially malicious sites that could run Flash and Javascript applications.

Users Spotify app on iOS or Android does not seem to be affected by the problem, both for users with the free service, as for those who have a contracted plan.

Spotify already set to work on the claims, to detect the source of the problem and potential vulnerabilities of the app. If anything is certain of this, it is that emerging browser windows that display malicious sites is present in major computer platforms (Windows, Linux and MacOS).

Music Spotify and Apple have been fighting for hogging a large percentage of music streaming service that is rising every year. At the end of September, Spotify launched the feature "Mix Daily" offering custom playlists and apparently intends to challenge the content that gives "For you" in Apple Music.

At the moment no one knows more about the problem that is facing Spotify, so we recommend you to stay out of use desktop application until the company provides new news.

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