The Future of Siri Pasa by a New Director of Research -


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Wednesday, 19 October 2016

The Future of Siri Pasa by a New Director of Research

Digital assistants continue to grow in number and quality, some of the most innovative as Google Assistant are now able to engage in a natural conversation with users and to recognize the context of the questions using artificial intelligence functions.

However, Apple has fallen a little behind in when the evolution of Siri. Although they started allowing integrate third - party apps in the wizard , still it gets a bit strange to use Siri on a regular basis, and is clearly not about the time the new creation of Google or Viv, the program recently acquired by Samsung, and created by the initial responsible for it Siri.

A new director for IA team

Apple knows it must work even on artificial intelligence to further improve its products and services in one way or another depend on capabilities such as "Machine Learning", or how a machine can learn as users use it , so automatically. This would include of course the rumored intelligent speaker who would be designed to compete against Google and Amazon Echo Home.

Therefore, they have hired Professor Russ Salakhutdinov of Carnegie Mellon University, an expert researcher in artificial intelligence, to lead the IA team at Apple. All this in order to expand efforts to stand up and get their rivals on these issues as relevant in recent years.

Artificial intelligence is already present

Artificial intelligence is increasingly present in our lives, but often we do not realize it, allows us to further simplify our computer use, make it more effective and natural. And the developments that are taking place in this field show that this does not end here.

In my opinion, Siri leaves much to be desired and will be very complicated things when face to compete against wizards as Alexa or Assistant if we do not witness a significant change in performance in future updates. I hope this helps change that much-needed revolution is on.

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