The Galaxy Note 7 stops sold, the smartphone most ephemeral of history -


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Tuesday, 11 October 2016

The Galaxy Note 7 stops sold, the smartphone most ephemeral of history

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 was officially launched last August 19 in an own event of the Korean company. That is, 53 days ago few. Soon they came the first terminal problems suffered some sudden explosion, all of them according to Samsung because the batteries. Today and now we can anticipate that the Galaxy Note 7 stops officially sold.

As a serious company that is, in terms of cases mushroomed all over the company he decided to suspend the distribution of explosive terminal (Galaxy Note 7) waiting to correct the problem and put back on sale new terminals Galaxy Note 7 .


This happened a few days ago but the Galaxy Note 7 explosions followed and even the supposedly free of explosions terminals. In this situation that continues to erode the prestige of the brand seems that Samsung, through a statement published in his native country, which has been echoed by important media such as Bloomberg and The Wall Street Journal , the Note 7 longer officially sold and puts an end to the race that could be the world's most ephemeral terminal.

Recall that just 53 days ago was put on sale a terminal coming to outshine all Android terminals on the market at that time and wanted to compete on equal terms, along with his brother Galaxy S7, with new terminals Apple . Well, it seems that the shot has left him in the foot to the Korean company since just beat a record. Your Galaxy Note 7 stops verderse to 53 days of their coming-out.

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