The low sales of Apple Watch cause the closure of several Apple Store -


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Saturday, 22 October 2016

The low sales of Apple Watch cause the closure of several Apple Store

Back in 2015 Apple opened three stores worldwide chest out after the release of their watches brand new Apple Watch. One of those starts came at the prestigious Galeries Lafayette, in the heart of Paris. The Apple Watch in luxury edition, with a cost from $ 10,000 and for sale only in 53 locations around the planet, filled the windows together with other iconic brands such as Chanel and Hermes.

At the time Apple launched its Apple Watch with such expectations that had overwhelmingly beat the Android Wear . Of course, detail, precision and luxury were several objectives complied with the gold edition , whose design was embroiled in a maximum secrecy, as of maximum security that used for storage .

Well, just a year later, it looks as French web Mac4Ever imminent closure of this section due to low sales, scheduled for next January 2017. Throughout this year of existence, the Apple Store Galeries Lafayette has undergone progressive staff cuts combined with the relocation of employees to other Apple Stores, such as St Germain.

And darling, you may close the Apple Store at Galeries Lafayette is not the last, two other stores in Tokyo and London could face a similar fate.

What can we expect from Apple Watch 2?

We'll see how Apple reacts to the drubbing. For now, with no continuity model of Apple Watch Gold Edition and subsequent replacement by a ceramic model, Apple seems to reorient their marketing strategies from a concept watch as jewelry or fashion accessory to a sports - oriented device and health. Or maybe just consider that the sections of fashion and jewelry are not the most appropriate places to sell their products.

Also, perhaps the materials are not the only thing that Apple can rethink on your wrist device, because until now there are two similar gadgets on the market: watches and bracelets activity. And you, how do you think will be the next wearable Apple, the Apple Watch 2?

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