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Sunday, 16 October 2016

The main reason why you should buy AirPods

AirPods wireless headphones were presented in early September along with the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. Since then, the network has not stopped the controversy over the new Apple product. AirPods - is both a product with the edge of technology and the inexhaustible source of jokes and memes. Some say it is a waste of money, supposedly headphones are easy to lose, others claim it is a product of the future. However, most users forward AirPods output.

Bluetooth headset does not much novelty: the market offers a wide variety of different wireless models from different manufacturers. Listen to music without wires, much easier, the main problem is, now works as the pairing of the headset with your smartphone. Sometimes they just do not connect for some reason, sometimes you have to disable a gadget and reconnect to another. All this takes a long time, which may take listening to music on the iPhone or Mac.

So far there is not a single product, which is capable of connecting to different devices simultaneously. Apple has solved this problem. Taking AirPods, you will not even notice how instantly created automatically on par with the iPhone. the cover is opened, keep your smartphone, and immediately shows him the card that the headphones are connected, and shows the level of battery charge.

After this, the Bluetooth profile transparently synchronizes with all the gadgets through iCloud. Neither repeated disconnections or connections. You can listen to music on the iPhone, and then when you get to work, "in one click" connect AirPods to Mac. During the exercise, you can in the same easy way to customize a par with the Apple Watch.

AirPods - this device is not for everyone, but this applies to any Bluetooth headphones. Headphones remain in the ear a little better EarPods, so the argument "You lose" sounds very silly. Why nobody says anything about Dash? Or Earin? Or Jabra Elite Sport?

At the edges of each AirPods there are a couple of sensors realize when inserted in the ear or dragged out of him. This allows the song stops automatically, just get a headset ear. In addition, when you listen you can only use a headset.

The sound quality is an important consideration when choosing any pair of headphones factor. AirPods wireless sound in the EarPods level: it is elastic sound with a small volume range. Most users are not аудиофилами, and very satisfied with the sound quality of the Apple brand headphones.

None of the producers can not offer such to facilitate work with headphones. There is only one bonding process with the iPhone or using iCloud to sync your Bluetooth profile. Therefore, if you important things such as the speed and ease of connection, or models Beats AirPods chip W1 is an excellent choice for you.

Is expected to AirPods will go on sale next week.

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