The new MacBook Pro could be presented this October -


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Wednesday, 19 October 2016

The new MacBook Pro could be presented this October

As you know, Apple has more than a year without renewing its range of MacBook Pro and although everything pointed to that would be this 2016 year indicated to launch a new range of computers , throughout the year , these expectations have been dulled to the point where we seriously thought that Apple would not release a new Mac Book Pro this year .

But the Cupertino everything is possible and the truth is that rumors pointing to a new MacBook Pro this month of October still happen in this case from the Japanese website Mac Otakara , who dares to also filter out some of the possible innovations. So far the latest model of the market is including Retina technology.

According to a Chinese supplier of the brand, Apple is expected to launch both a model of 13 as 15 inches, ie, there will be continuity in sizes. Likewise, also provides a new 13-inch MacBook Air, not the 11.

The new designs will have an even thinner body with a flatter keyboard and a touch OLED device at the bottom of the screen to replace the physical function keys. It will also include fingerprint ID technology.

As for tickets, both Apple will continue to pursue several USB-A, HDMI and their own technologies, like MagSafe, Thunderbolt 3 and the controversial USB-C ports having solved the initial problems of faulty wiring . Yes, we say goodbye to the Pro SD slot. As for the headphone output, continue to exist know if the 3.5 mm jack or not, but is an issue that surely will talk after removing it in their brand new iPhone in July .

It is not the first time Mac Otakara anticipated releases regarding Apple, but when it has generally it has done with precision and success. With two weeks to the end of this October, fingers crossed and we await the announcement of an event to present the highly anticipated new range of MacBook. If it occurs, potential buyers would again face a new dilemma: to buy an iPad or a MacBook Pro?

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