The Pixel will have the largest advertising campaign in the history of mobiles Google -


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Thursday, 13 October 2016

The Pixel will have the largest advertising campaign in the history of mobiles Google

Google is betting that this year all the hardware is no secret. Pixel, the glasses Daydream View , the router Google WiFi ... all physical products that will compete face to face with manufacturers who until now worked closely with Google. And in order to compete in the market, Google needs to take a walk wallet.

And if something has in abundance now that Google is certainly ready to invest money in advertising. Alphabet reported revenue of more than 20 billion dollars in Q1 2016 , and a senior Google has already confirmed that the Pixel will be "a significant marketing campaign." In fact, Google has already begun to circulate money on marketing machinery of the Pixel.

As reported in Reuters , Google would have spent $ 3.2 million in the first two days of TV advertising campaign of Pixel. To put it in perspective, at the same time Samsung invested 1.4 million in marketing, while Apple spent $ 2.45 million.

The Pixel will that has not had any Nexus

Already in the days before the official presentation of the Pixel, Google made it clear that this year was not going to walk with nonsense in launching their mobile. Giant posters here and there , videos with the hype by flag , a statue at the gates of new York ... and even a completely new page ( )! With all this, no one would be surprised to know that Google is spending millions of dollars on advertising campaign Pixel.

The Nexus especially the Nexus 6P and Nexus 5X - have also had their pluses and minuses with advertising, but never a physical product had an advertising push like they are getting the Pixel.

The question to me assails me, as I imagine you also happen to anyone who knows the history of the Nexus, is this: Does this mean that Google will no longer lose money with their mobile in their day Google acknowledged that Nexus 5X and 6P were "just ads" of its own brand, and the Nexus 7 said winning zero dollars per unit sold .

What other matter manufacturers think?

The logic at this point is to ask with Google stuck squarely in the mobile market, a market that must take into account that while not going through its best moment , what do you have to say about all this matter companies like Samsung, Huawei and LG? Have not you be taking this whole thing like a stab in the back of Google at the worst possible moment?

According to the high office of Android, manufacturers are not jealous with the arrival of the new line of phones from Google

Precisely in this regard he was asked Hiroshi Lockheimer, the head of Google software (which is in charge of the hardware is Rick Osterloh ), in an interview with . In it, Lockheimer notes that "since the first phones were launched in 2008, all OEMs [manufacturers] knew there would be several OEMs in the market," adding, "and today we added one more to the list [referring to the incorporation of Google as a manufacturer] ".

Lockheimer goes even further and says that he met with the major manufacturers to warn in advance that Google would launch its own line of phones. "OK, are business , " was the response which ensures that gave manufacturers.

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