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Friday, 28 October 2016

The Samsung Galaxy S8 be smarter than ever

Many rumors provide sound data and others arise as a joke or as an attempt to attract attention. The manufacturer usually refute the false and keep quiet when one is right. Even he comes to the fore to create excitement or "hype" about their upcoming releases. How to survive today when your last mobile has to withdraw from the ring? Moving forward details to still raise more rumors.

Gradually taking shape will the Samsung Galaxy S8 . Still it has to physically see him, but there is no doubt that today this mobile has to cool down with chicha. Good: flag next smartphone Samsung will be smarter, new design will be improved and your camera. Has said the manufacturer, Korean little word.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 is shaping up ahead of 2017

It is no secret that the next S8 must be "revolutionary" Samsung is doing it prestige. Surely they are in the process of adding the final improvements for entry into production. And the vice president of Samsung Lee Jae-yong has dropped some hints of what's to come.

In his own words, the vice president says the Samsung Galaxy S8 will have a "very fine design." considering the line followed by the S6 and S7, and its appearance is very similar, opt for a renewal of the final appearance.

Another aspect that stress is that the Samsung Galaxy S8 be improved camera. It is not a great mystery because mobile "top" always improve this aspect of one generation to another, but in the case of the S8 could mean something different. If all manufacturers are betting on joining the dual rear camera, Samsung will also in its "flagship"? The camera of the Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge is already very good, it is difficult to improve it.

And one last detail: the Samsung Galaxy S8 will be smarter. You remember that Samsung recently acquired artificial intelligence VIV? It would not be surprising that we saw applied in the following smartphone line S. Since Google Assistant will only be in the Google Pixel, logic would improve its Samsung S Voice to be at the height of Assistant; in addition to facing equal to Siri and Cortana.

The mobile division accuses the withdrawal of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7

The drama of Note 7 will is expensive to Samsung Mobile in the third quarter of 2016 obtained 87.8 million dollars profit, down 96% compared to the benefits of third quarter of 2015 The drop in profits is not. all that concerns the last "phablet" of the company, it has reserved a good surprise for those who strive not return: your battery may not be loaded beyond 60%, the forced update will arrive within days.

What other details rumored Samsung Galaxy S8? Optical fingerprint reader, 8GB of RAM DDR4 memory , 5.5 inch Super AMOLED ... There are still a few months to see it in reality, but anticipates ways. Although it will be harder than ever manufacturers have learned how to make good premium phones.

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