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Thursday, 27 October 2016

The Samsung Galaxy S8 bet on the optical fingerprint sensor

Anda that we are not rumors, leaks and wishes about the next Samsung Galaxy S8 , that the road to his presentation will be splashed with news. Some real and many other false, but all with a common link that itself will be true: the Samsung mobile next top should be innovative enough to make us forget the poor Note 7.

They go adventuring components, designs and curiosities Samsung Galaxy S8. It seems that more or less maintain its planned presentation (on the MWC 2017), which will have the highest in hardware, a camera capable of removing the sense and know what their next date fingerprint reader.

The Samsung Galaxy debut S8 optical fingerprint reader

We have seen many innovations in the field of security, not only in the fingerprint sensor. For example, the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 introduced the iris scanner; and Xiaomi placed the ultrasonic sensor footprints in your Mi5s Plus.

Common sensors are capacitive fingerprint. The surface of the form reader multitude of tiny capacitors, the skin contact finger, electric charge exchange. As the fingerprint is characterized by offering a unique relief to every person, the capacitive surface portion reveal the finger contact. Or what is the same: the relief of the tread. Then each manufacturer interprets the information according to their own algorithms.

Qualcomm introduced fingerprint sensors ultrasonic allowing manufacturers could integrate them under the glass of the screen. Thus you do not need a dedicated button biometric sensor, so the final design benefits.

And the famous optical fingerprint reader Samsung Galaxy S8? Capture technology would use with a small camera. This camera captures the fluctuations of light bouncing off the fingerprint using a prism.

A peculiarity of the optical sensor is usually placed under a layer of glass, which would allow Samsung to create a smartphone also curved at the top and bottom of the screen. Goodbye to physical Home button with the screen taking up almost the entire front? So the rumors suggest.

All indications are that Samsung will develop design in the S8

The adoption of optical recognition system for fingerprinting is a commitment to the design change. Samsung looking for a way to recognize the fingerprint reader integrating under the glass of Galaxy S8. You could bet on ultrasound, as did Xiaomi, but perhaps the future design will raise problems with them.

The technology of fingerprint readers is the oldest of all. Imagine the typical spy movies where, to put the finger, a light beam reads the fingerprint letting the saboteur. It is not only old, it is also the most doubts offers: the first sensors they could be fooled by an imitation of the footprint (a photo, for example). Operated in the S8, we imagine that Samsung will ensure that offers maximum security.

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