The touchbar of the new MacBook Pro operates with a modified version of watchOS -


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Saturday, 29 October 2016

The touchbar of the new MacBook Pro operates with a modified version of watchOS

After completing the "Hello again" event Apple held to mainly introduce its new line of MacBooks, have left endless details that are worth mentioning, as the integration of a mini - operating system that operates exclusively on the bar touch notebook.

The MacBook Pro runs iOS, but not exactly the iOS we are used because it uses a mobile operating system that Apple is there only to operate the new touch OLED bar MacBook Pro.

Actually, the touchbar runs a modified version of watchOS, which in itself is a modified version of iOS. The bar is powered by the new Apple T1 chipset, and runs independently of macOS Sierra.

The T1 chip uses ARM architecture, such as chips on devices with iOS and also manages the security of things like Touch ID, the touchbar and even FaceTime camera MacBook Pro.

It is believed that Apple chose a modified version of watchOS because the T1 chip is similar to the new chip S1 in the latest generation of Apple Watch. Theoretically, the touchbar could remain active while the CPU macOS and MacBook Pro are off.

It is very interesting that Apple has been willing to run watchOS and Sierra macOS while the new MacBook Pro, rather than make everything work only with macOS Sierra. This invites us to think that the Cupertino company is planning things ahead.

One possible route is that Apple could make a full screen that uses iOS, which could allow a portable "2 in 1" with a detachable screen tablet like the Microsoft Surface Book. However, it seems highly unlikely that such a device is in Apple's plans.

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