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Saturday, 22 October 2016

Theft worth $ 13,000 at an Apple Store

Apple products enjoy great value in society, its mark moves to millions, and millions of dollars. It is therefore not surprising that are the target of various criminal acts such as theft of informing us from Actualidad iPhone .

Not long ago I wrote an article about how Apple has decided to remove the cable lock of the iPhone in their Apple Store . Today we have a story that will certainly make the company really consider whether the new measure introduced in order to improve the user experience in their stores is a good idea.

Robbery at an Apple Store in Massachusetts

On October 19, a group of hooded youths went to the Apple Store in Natick, Massachusetts. There, they set out to rob 19 iPhone without worrying about security establishment, which certainly sinned poor. It is not normal for a store whose products are considered high value lacks a decent security.

The total value of the stolen goods amounts to approximately US $ 13,000, plus the possibility that this crime is related to other similar happened in a different Apple Store is investigated. If this were so, there is no doubt that this would not be the last blow given the ease with which have got the loot.

Security in the Apple Store

Such acts, carried out by people who certainly have no respect for private property, but should not serve as a warning to Apple. Not because cast doubt on the safety of their stores, but because they put the safety of the customers themselves who come every day to an Apple Store at risk.

As I said before, this will cause in Cupertino re-think for a moment if it is a good idea to remove some of the safety of their products in their stores. However, perhaps you should consider is whether perhaps, instead of removing it , they should put a little more.

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