They announced a class action lawsuit against Apple for the touch panel iPhone 6

When the iPhone 6 was released, many were those who screamed to the sky by the bendgate, ie, the possibility that the device were doubled with certain "ease".

Well, just a few months ago, several users decided to complain to Apple about a problem that made the iPhone 6 touchpad stop working, besides appearing a gray strip on top of it.

Apple refused to repair free device users who berated the problem, so they decided to file a joint lawsuit in California and Utah.

Subsequently, it was decided to investigate the matter, also discovering that the problem is with the drivers of the "touch IC" plates, so changing the screen of the iPhone affected not really solve the problem, but postpones it .

Unfortunately, Apple has not yet publicly confirmed that knows about this problem, but Motherboard claims that several Apple Genius has confirmed that the company knows of its existence, so we assume it will be a matter of time that all fall under its own weight.

Have any of you been affected by this problem?
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