Thus Doogee Y6 is manufactured with glossy black finish -


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Monday, 17 October 2016

Thus Doogee Y6 is manufactured with glossy black finish

A couple of days ago we talked about the characteristics of Doogee Y6 , a smartphone that stood out for his "young soul". A terminal with good performance and above all a better price. If you are cuirioso still with us, because today know as the Doogee Y6 is made of glossy black finish.

Today , we speak of it, well more specifically the shiny black Doogee Y6, also known as black piano Doogee Y6, a special version of the same forThe Chinese Doogee the company has put a little more affection if possible. We say this because this space version of Doogee Y6 has 4GB of RAM and 64GB of internal memory ROM. But also because the company wanted to highlight giving it a color that will not have the normal versions, black or shiny black piano or piano black (the color is not something we are particularly good guys).


The Doogee Y6 with glossy black finish or "black piano" is not achieved as well. Behind the manufacture of this terminal there are a very studied engineering. Tell you that to give this finish is requir 9 steps in the process of anodizing and polished on the 7000 series aluminum is aluminum This incredibly strong and is the same used in the aircraft industry.

The process to achieve this finish "piano black" is very complicated. The first part of the process and also the most difficult is a 3D rotating polishing. A machine pulls the aluminum casing through a special powder. This process helps eliminarimperfecciones such as bubbles or dust, and also helps to produce the effect of such a spectacular mirror with which account this terminal. Once the same, the case is then immersed in a tank of anodizing. Unfamiliar to the process involves passing electricity through the piece and then dipped in aluminum oxide, which is achieved that the terminal more resistant to corrosion. Thanks to the difference in charge between the part and the liquid oxide molecules bind strongly. What helps this painting is really durable (imagine the process as tiny magnets).

Subsequently, a process of sandblasting on the entire surface of the mental material is performed, and ends with a gentle and delicate brushed metal on ...

The result as you see in the pictures is spectacular ... I've always been a fan of black ... and this terminal luxury suits him.


The price of Doogee Y6 is regularly $ 109.99, which change are about 100 euros, but as we told the Doogee Y6 is currently in a promotion for which you will be able to get it for just $ 99.99, about 91 euros. This promotion is limited to 100 units, so it would be good that you will not retrasárais much if you want to do with one of these smartphones.

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