Tim Cook confirmed Research and Development (R & D) in Yokohama, Japan. Construction was completed last December,

Tim Cook CEO of Apple have visited Japan. And confirmed that the Research and Development (R & D) in Yokohama completed during the month of December to be part of the marketing strategy in Japan.

On a trip to Japan, this time Tim Cook visited the offices of Nintendo in Kyoto (Kyoto) and met with Prime Minister Shinzo Abe of Japan. To discuss the relationship between Apple and Japan. Because Japan is an important market for Apple.

By Tim Cook has revealed that research and development (R & D) in Yokohama (Yokohama) completed during December. The office also spent two years.
"We are talking about the future and do something great together. I shared with Prime Minister Abe, we love this country and are vital to our very life "- Tim Cook said.

The Prime Minister of Japan Has revealed that Apple Creating relationships with companies and manufacturers in Japan, resulting in the development of technology to produce more growth and Tim Cook also emphasized this issue. He was aware of the number of producers at all levels. A good sign, and the relationship of doing business continues to increase.

For construction in Yokohama. Starting from the year 2014 is expected to be the largest research and development center in Asia. The objective is to establish a link with Apple products like the iPhone users in Japan, provides comprehensive and easy enough.

Source - MacRumors
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