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Sunday, 16 October 2016

Tips : Forget the Galaxy Note7 and buy a iPhone 7 Plus

This article does not talk about technical specifications, or do an extensive comparison between the Galaxy Note7 and iPhone 7 Plus . You just give one reason: the iPhone 7 Plus does not explode as simple as that.. Apple has not needed more to win.

In fact, the company bite the apple could have thrown a stone into the market, and it would have been more successful than the Galaxy Note7. And if you do not believe me read on ...

Are you still thinking of buying a Galaxy Note7? Forget. The phablet Samsung has had serious problems after marketing is that your battery is highly flammable.

In fact, the Samsung Galaxy Note7 exploits, without more, with regular use.

But when the South Korean company was beginning to see light at the end of the tunnel by offering rebates to their consumers ... Boom! Devices "safe" replaced continue to exploit. What a joke!

Finally, Samsung decided to stop sales indefinitely Note7 Galaxy . This is what happens when you can not infringe patents to copy ideas from other companies ... That just ideas!

Samsung had a chance to save the Note7 (and his own reputation) but spoiled. Not only he skipped the Galaxy Note 6 to be the same level as the iPhone 7 but their phablet has come to seriously injure dozens of people around the world. Even flights have been canceled!

IPhone 7 Plus will give ... an explosion of happiness

Do you really plan to buy a Galaxy Note7 to be constantly concerned about if they start out flames from your battery? Forget. What now the iPhone 7 Plus Jet Black you think much nicer?

Imagine, you're so quiet ordering a Whopper at Burger King, when suddenly ...


But yes that is a good weapon in GTA V!

Fear of Samsung Galaxy Note7 is such that even the youtubers have to do their reviews ... with protective gloves!

And it is that things can go very, very wrong ...

In addition, its design is spectacular ... Now it comes in black "singed"

And what if we look at YouTube or Google "Galaxy Note7"? Well, besides our compis Andro4all the most popular searches appear, also the verb is 'explode' in all its forms. And this is not good for a terminal ...

So if you're thinking about renovating your smartphone, we strongly recommend buying an iPhone 7 Plus. Not because it is better than the Galaxy Note7 (also) but simply because you will not reventarás hands while playing Angry Birds. Third degree burns are cool!

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