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Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Top 10 Apps for Little house

If previously it said that the children came with a bread under his arm, now you could say that rather come with a smartphone or tablet, and is that from very small know how to manage and cope with even better technology than us. If there are young children in your home and you usually leave the iPhone or iPad to play some times we invite you to keep reading.

And today in CydiaPlus we bring a selection of the 10 best applications for the smallest of the house you can currently find in the App Store for both iPhone and iPad. And is that today there are hundreds of applications for babies, toddlers, school-age teen ...

More and more variety to choose from , and therefore it is increasingly difficult to decide what is the best app that can be adjusted to the needs of the kids. So we hope that this small selection will be of help in deciding.

Entertain children with these amazing apps for iPhone and iPad!

One thing is certain, is that it is increasingly difficult to entertain children, especially if you want while they enjoy it to learn new things. However, thanks to devices like the iPad or iPhone this is easier because the kids love toquetearlos and interact with them. And what better way than with good applications ...

A package of Courage

A package of Courage a picture book aimed at preschoolers is. It has very beautiful and eye - catching graphics, features numerous activities and puzzles based on Montessori teaching methods and Shichida. Through these interactive activities the child will learn to understand the content and improve their working memory, hand-eye coordination, spatial orientation or ability to solve problems, among other things.

Touch Life: School

Toca Boca has several apps for kids in the house in the App Store. One is Touch Life: School, where you can create your own adventures in school, and teach a class, choose a booth or participate in a food fight in the cafeteria.

Toca Kitchen 2

Another Toca Boca apps we like to highlight is Toca Kitchen 2. It is very well engage them and leave dealing with different foods, which combine and cooked to your liking.


This application has several tales for children sleeping in the forest animals are the protagonists. Forestry is an interactive app with activities and entertainment through which can help forest dwellers to build a house, get food, bathe and go to bed.

Snail Bob

Let your children know Bob, a snail who needs your help. Bob will have to guide through 80 levels where you have to test their mental agility to get all the stars and unlock hidden content for even more fun.

Peekaboo Barn

This small barn is full of farm animals to surprise the children in the house. In this game you have to try to guess what animals are and you can play with it to help you learn the names of each of them. If they are slightly older will have fun trying to guess what animal is just listening to their sound.

Lego Duplo Train

All aboard! Your little one will get into the role of engineer of this train of Lego, adding wagons, building bridges, adding roads or helping passengers, among other things. All so that the train can circulate and arrive at your destination.

Little Things Forever

In this game you will not only enjoy the smaller, but also that we are not much but still have a child within. They will have to find certain objects in different images formed by hundreds.

Hoopa City

In Hoopa City you can combine different elements to build your own city, village or town. Roads, houses, parks, soccer fields, schools ... Let Unleash your creativity and create a city that is as big as imagined.

Math on the Farm

Last but not less important, it is Math on the Farm. It is an application that helps small to learn math while playing on a farm through different stories.

These are just some games you can find for your children, nephews, cousins ... As you can see, thanks to these applications not only have a good time , but at the same time they develop skills and learning new things.

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