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Saturday, 8 October 2016

TOP 10 Best iPad Games (2016)

The iPad is a very popular device among users, not only for issues of work and studies, also for leisure. It is thanks to your screen you can enjoy multimedia content or high quality games.

The App Store has a large catalog of games for the iPad, so it is sometimes complicated to find something new or different. In addition, each year are emerging new titles, so now CydiaPlus we will make a small collection with the 10 best games for the iPad that have been launched this 2016.

So if you are someone who like to enjoy a good game on the iPad after a long day of work or study we invite you to keep reading. Choose yours and play!

The best games for the iPad launched in 2016

Samorost 3

In this incredible adventure game puzzles you have to follow a peculiar gnome who uses the powers of a magic flute to travel the cosmos in order to find the origins of the instrument. In Samorost 3 you will travel across nine different alien worlds where you will find many challenges and surprises. Samorost 3 features incredible graphics thanks to which you immerse yourself in history from the first minute.

Ire - Blood Memory

. RPG hardcore action with which you can enjoy whether you are a beginner or if you are a more advanced player As you progress in Ire - Blood Memory difficulty level and variations of attacks will increase so that the game does not lose emotion and so improving yourself go.

Marvel Avengers Academy

Build your own academy superhero with Marvel Avengers Academy. In addition, you can play with your favorite characters from The Avengers redrawn as students in the academy to develop their superpowers, you'll have to face the villains mythical world and build the best Marvel superhero academy in the world.

Heroes of Normandie

In Heroes of Normandie you will be in charge of small squads in scenarios of different sizes in the middle of the campaign D - Day. Based on the historical moment of the Normandy landings and in the spirit of the original board game, will have to make numerous tactical decisions for victory. You can play in different ways: completing the three campaigns, participating in a quick or trying to survive through the picaresque skirmish. As if that were not enough, Heroes of Normandie allows you to challenge a friend in multiplayer mode.

NBA 2K17

The NBA 2K17 comes stomping after the great success of the 2k16 version. One of the most realistic basketball games you can find on the iPad that features enhanced controls and is compatible with physical controls.

Submerged: Miku and the Suken City

Play free fighting third - person where you have to explore a mysterious city that has been flooded. In this game you will get into the skin of Miku, a young woman who has come to town on a fishing boat with his brother, where you have to explore, collect supplies and everything you need to get save his brother.

Monster Super League

Tired of Pokémon GO? If you want something different not hesitate to try Monster Super League, where you have over 500 different astromones to capture. Fill your aircraft with your astromones, strengthen them, evolucionalos and embark on an adventure full of emotions.

badland 2

In Badland 2 will have to fly and survive in different worlds filled with traps and obstacles as flamethrowers puzzles, water, burning lights, ice ... striking graphics of this game, where the worlds are hand painted.

NCIS: Hidden Crimes

If you like the TV show, sure you also enjoy the game. In NCIS: Hidden Crimes you will join the team Gibbs, Abby and the rest to solve crimes of murder and espionage which has involved the US Navy. Seeks to track, analyze, interrogate suspects and find out who is responsible for the crime.

Oz: Broken Kingdom

Delve into the fantastic world of OZ to face the Great Dark that buried in the shadows Embark on this adventure with the heroine Ofelia Shen and legendary heroes of Oz. The Tin Man, the Scarecrow and the Lion to restore order and balance in the Land of Oz.

Remember that these are only a dozen titles that will find for the iPad, the App Store but there are hundreds of more games of all kinds. This is our special selection we believe are the best iPad games of this 2016, but we invite you to tell us what is your favorite game this year.

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