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Thursday, 27 October 2016

Top 10 Reasons To Move Windows to macOS

Many times we have heard of Macs, the best of its Windows-brothers. Similar arguments often lack specificity, therefore, in this article we will make a list of 10 reasons that can motivate even закостенелого Windows-user to switch to Mac.

1. The only manufacturer of "iron" and DE

Yes, it is the best bet Apple and its path chosen by steve jobs at the dawn of the founding of the company. Of course, the way of licensing its operating system other than iron manufacturers is economically more profitable - and we have seen in the example of Microsoft. But when it is not ahead, and about user convenience - choosing Apple is best for everyone, and for users who do not need to worry about program compatibility, and should not be between the service center of the manufacturer "iron" and customer service operating system developer, if something does not work.

For all joints in front of you you are responsible for a company Apple. Comfortable and the manufacturer - again, no need to worry about the compatibility of the unknown of the "Chinese" nature of iron, it is not necessary to break head, what unimaginable combinations much competent user come to mind connect expansion cards and do not need to produce a million patches correcting a compatibility problem with some rare application.

2. autonomy MacBook

Strange as it may seem, but is much more effective macOS Windows power. Thus, based on macOS computer consumes much less energy. Are 12-inch MacBook edition 2016, works even up to 11 hours - and this is without any there "disable everything that you can adjust the lighting to a minimum and is sitting without moving or breathing before the flat", and the way normal operation. Yes, the Intel Core processors m3, of which ultraportable Mac are removed, consume less power than Core i7 and earlier versions, of course), but the MacBook Air and Core i5 work 11-12 hours while the portable PC average 5-7 hours.

But even if you are interested exclusively in desktop computers, the advantage of using Mac is that the author of these lines has changed its ping Windows-PC into a Mac mini, energy consumption in their apartment one He fell in the fourth quarter. And, the Mac mini is no guarantee the team, as some think, and a desk in solid десктопных processors. What graphics card has typ.

3. Mac - the only teams able to work and with MacOS and Windows

Sometimes it happens that you need to use multiple operating systems on the same computer. And do not think that this need occurs only линуксоидов and маководов. The author of these lines in the previous work was faced with the fact that an employee is needed to work on Windows and Mac. And if the Mac to work with Windows is easy, the reverse situation causes a number of problems.

Of course, the virtual machines have under any system. But as effective as Parallels Desktop with a Mac. You can work with any Windows applications as if they had been written under the Mac. And Windows does not. And what is the system that is now more complete?

To the word, the myth about the shortage of macOS is just a myth. Often, people who judge on any subject there огораживании spent in macOS confuse this iOS operating system.

4. Is Unix

The kernel of OS X is called XNU, and XNU is, in fact, completed FreeBSD Unix operating system such as GNU / Linux, for example. operative, known as similar Unix systems have greater stability and high performance through optimal interaction with computer resources. In addition, any юниксоид or линуксоид will feel at home, by running "Terminal" macOS.

5. Cheap and high quality soft

When the same Windows is installed (or buy a Windows) - what programs they arrive at their disposal, in addition to the operating system itself? Well, there Notepad, Clock, WordPad, Calculator ... still There is a set of family programs Windows Live Movie Maker Windows Live mail, Windows Live), that extend the functionality of the equipment, but not many of them really want to leave, and must be installed separately, dawdle.

Overall, Apple believes that the user does not have to spend your time on the configuration of your computer - and with this we are in full agreement. "Teamwork" is not a "team". The user must write the texts, count and analyze data, write music, draw, video installation, not install programs and patches, and not delving into configuration files.

In order to obtain Windows, the computer, and - you need to install additional software, part of which costs money. For example, if you seriously want to pursue music has to acquire some Cubase 50,000 rubles. If the picture: 10 000 rubles Lightroom and Photoshop for 16 000 rubles. As how expensive it out.

Office applications - also quite expensive. minimum set of Microsoft Office costs 2699 rubles, good or 269 rubles a month subscription.

But if you buy a Mac, everything is different. Only turning on the computer, the opportunity to enjoy and full suite of office software Apple, and an application for working with music Garage Band (which, actually, is sufficient in many cases you get, but if you need more - Logic Pro, a complete music studio, with a wide range of quality effects, virtual instruments and presets costs 14,990 rubles). There is also a video editor iMovie, functionality that is nothing compared with the analogous to Windows. And all this is already installed on your computer and ready to work.

Optionally you can buy (literally two clicks on the Mac App Store) application Pixelmator, which will be sufficient for the vast majority of the "masters" of Photoshop, go to 2290 €.

Unfortunately, the application of macOS steal in general, it is also easier than in Windows, apparently, among users of macOS more honest people. On the other hand - what sense does it spend on the development of a serious protection against pirates, if most programs reach even a student?

6. One of the consistency of the interface

In the "Start" menu in Windows 10 they have decided to unite all working in previous versions. At first it was fun, but one day, it became clear that this is no different from shortcuts on the desktop, which many long trying to get rid of. The problem is that the more "live" tiles in the "Setup" menu, the slower a gadget, because the tile must be constantly updated.

Another problem for users of Windows 10 is the problem and what to do with these Metro applications, as is its use? To enjoy operating system, you must still give preference to the table of programs. Even Microsoft, does not seem too believe in versatile applications, as well as the process of the emergence of the fans.

In macOS not have that problem. Apple not be mixed entity: the tablet is a tablet. It is running the mobile iOS and controlled with your fingers. And the computer is a PC, it is worth "adult" of macOS with the usual graphical interface: the cursor window.

Do not think that we are against innovation - could someone deems appropriate touch screen interface on computers. Hardly the launch of such pc will deal with Apple. But even in this case is sophisticated interface, so that if any application, at least 90% of all its supported programs.

By the way, the top menu bar for all programs in macOS is also very useful. All settings always in the same place.

7. Update

macOS, unlike Windows, never tell when it shuts down or, more importantly, when you turn on the computer: "hey, you, I do not care in your work, I have to update, so wait a minute. Or 10 minutes. Or half an hour, and well, you understood, yes? Go, погуляй ". Of course, automatic updates of Windows, you can disable, but why, then, have always updated so - is convenient and safe?

Most mac os updates are put in the background and does not even require a restart. And if I reset everything necessary - ask you not want to do it now or wait until you finish your work.

Finally, the operating system for the user, and not the reverse.

8. Get rid of viruses

No course of business, earn money by selling antivirus scares you: you, the user, anywhere you can not feel in safety! Malvolos virus attack you everywhere, and MacOS and iOS and even your Casio electronic watches are not protected against evil contagion!

Antivirus companies can understand: increasing the proportion of the PC is gradually reduced, while the growth in the proportion of Mac increases. Here they are, and panic. Only in the first place, representatives of these companies go wrong, calling any malicious virus program, though they themselves are well aware (must know whether it is really from specialists, and are not imposters), which is not the case. Just people are used to being afraid of viruses, therefore, and use this terrible word.

And secondly, the epidemic in macOS was, in fact, that flew in a relatively small percentage of computers and specifically a subnet. Among other things, specialists antivirus companies also aware that it is necessary to measure is not the number of infected computers (in the history of the age of about half a million - this month, and the number of subnets infected. but they never say and overlook this already ancient history, ensuring no, not postpone the transition to Mac, and gain antivirus license. for example, in the year. Then renew the license.

So - click on the Mac and forget about viruses and antivirus. Let your macOS topics always get update (after all, this will not force, as we have seen) and Apple over charge. Because unlike Microsoft, I blamed her that, if the user come to complain to them.

9. Dear Mac? Barata De Mac!

There is another myth is that Apple hardware ones. People who believe this myth, or they themselves have not studied the market, or believe that the team consists of a CPU unit, motherboard and memory plates. And the screen (if the address on the laptop), battery, housing all this, something like, no matter.

Well, maybe someone really does not care what size laptop computer or desktop pc, how much you weigh, how much of the quality of the screen and as seen in the end. But what is the user priorities, all worth the money - to get anywhere. Two different teams with the same performance will cost different money, if one of them smaller. Compactness worth the money because many team sites (the same hard disk) take up much space. Shoehorn all in a compact housing itself so that nothing перегревалось, is not easy - it's a great challenge for the engineers who have to pay money. And if the company is not satisfied with the first pick the solution, such as Apple, and she is ready again and again to review the concept to achieve optimal, close to ideal proportions are also worth the money.

When you buy the machine, it is important, not only the starter and not only the presence of the internal audio equipment. Silence, comfort, design - all this worth the money. Everyone understands why two vehicles that develop the same maximum speed that can vary the price almost an order of magnitude. With computers the same.

If you try to find the MacBook competitors of all options, you will find that these competitors are not less than the MacBook, and more expensive. And the MacBook Pro and iMac price, performance and size, competition and can not find. Some manufacturers (we will not instead of pointing the finger) sell huge and heavy boxes for the price of an iMac, with much less flat quality.

And do not think that the desire to buy a beautiful team "show-off". Why buy a nice house furniture, beautiful wallpapers, high quality and cute cooking game is not a "show-off" and the team "show off"? Is it worth spending lots of money on nice furniture, then those of this furniture was the team, the appearance of the old toolbox?

10. The ecosystem

The most obvious have left in the snack. The author of these lines, many friends who enjoy Apple products just for the sake of ecosystems. Even if other arguments in favor of the Mac do not convinced, this is simply an obligation.

All Apple devices have a similar design, the operating principle, and most importantly - it's okay interact literally press a button and without wires. For example, you can easily connect to the desktop of your MacBook, standing next to your iMac, and jibe files from one desktop to another as if it were a single computer. And portable devices Apple Watch, iPad and iPhone can sync with your computer also the touch of a button. Simply check - what songs, movies and programs you want to watch on your device. Not to mention integration with Apple Watch watch, which are fully instead of entering the password on your computer.

Of course, some analogs of this ecosystem is in Windows, but there unfortunately is not so wisely and to make it all work is sometimes necessary to press the not one, but a lot of buttons. Still and forever "guglit '' on the web - what button to press, and did everything according to the instructions and does not work.

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