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Saturday, 15 October 2016

Top 10 Reasons To Wait for The Jailbreak of IOS 10

In September, Apple launched the new generation operating system for the iPhone and iPad. Hackers continue working on iOS джейлбрейком 10, although at first, the release was promised almost immediately after the start of the final version. MacDigger invited to consider 10 reasons why the owners of smartphones and tablets, have installed a new operating system, it pays to wait for the results of their work.

For what use is the jailbreak, and receives the user after the release of overlays restrictions? First, you can circumvent the protection of iOS and install on their devices application informal and unauthorized adjustments before the official start of the catalog of the App Store. Second, radically change the operating system design. In fact, the causes of freedom from "slavery" of the crowd, are 10 of the best.

1. Refresh iOS interface

In the latest versions of iOS, Apple has opened a new space for the modification of its devices. That's just the API for voice assistant Siri, the Apple brand maps or the Phone application. However, even this freedom is still far away. The jailbreak allows you to remove all restrictions Apple and update the user interface.

Thanks твикам Cydia can change the icons, the lock screen and even activate the dark theme, standard fully преобразив aspect of the operating system. Opportunities are not limited and each user can pick the design to your taste - add скевоморфизма definitely absent or, on the contrary, more than simplify the device interface elements.

2. Add new features

The owners of the "committed" iPhone and iPad applications can install the new class, which are not admitted to the Apple store. The official application developers must follow strict rules of the company, so they can not get the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. You want to record phone conversations? The ceremony! Enable iOS settings? No problem. And you can remove the advertising on YouTube or applications? Activate the flash? Add true multi-tasking? Using the new pitcher? The list is endless.

3. Get exclusive opportunities IOS 10 in older devices

Many of the old iPhone owners are disappointed to learn that is not available to Raise Wake function. screen standby mode automatically when the user lifts the smartphone - the best view all notifications directly from the lock screen. Raise Wake is not available to not only the iPhone 5 and iPhone 5c, and new smartphones. At the time the jailbreak developers quickly new IOS 9 for older devices adapted. If there jailbreak for the "tens" there is no doubt that the owners of the old iPhone will enjoy Raise to Wake and other functions of IOS 10 available on modern models.

4. Install the file manager

Another important feature, which is available on devices with джейлбрейком - file manager. Given the closed nature of the nature of the Apple ecosystem, it is not surprising that the company has not provided the opportunity to do so. Thanks джейлбрейку and iFile application, you can view files and folders on the system, edit directly on the iPhone and iPad.

5. Blocking applications and folders using Touch ID

Informal application developers offer new ways of implementing the hardware capabilities of the iPhone and iPad. One is the device scanner fingerprints. Thanks to твикам, as BioProtect, AppScan, BioLaunch, BioLockdown and AppLocker can restrict access to folders, applications and some features of IOS 10 by the biometric module "яблочных" gadgets.

6. Change the system font

One of the most popular ways to refresh the standard aspect gadgets operating system - change the system font. There are several ways in iOS font substitution, one of the easiest to use application BytaFont 3. The program allows using a few clicks to change the system font in one of several hundreds of options (specifically, about 700), catalog available in Cydia.

7. Emulators

Decent amount of games in the App Store of the hundreds of thousands. Developers have become, apparently, it is a senseless lesson throughout the industry: some of the games of international competitions, and prizes to pay millions of dollars. But all this is nothing to олдскульных players than any current project with three-dimensional graphics prefer the classic games in the good old game consoles.

Emulators game consoles - a class of applications in Cydia. Apparently, as you can miss for games with early music and "pixel" graphics? It is possible, especially if it comes to childhood games. Unfortunately, the only way to take and run in the modern gadget games last century can not. The problem is solved джейлбрейком, which provides the necessary software on the environment.

8. Remove restrictions so

Apple has limited many of the functions of IOS. Unlike macOS in mobile операционке can not install third-party applications or adjust the operating system, for example, with the same terminal. Only thanks to the джейлбрейку users of iPhone and iPad can pass through LTE YouTube video in good quality, download applications from the App Store more than 100 MB, use FaceTime calls, panning, filter on your camera or in no way compatible devices Slow Motion, "flooding" music without iTunes and share files between gadgets via Bluetooth. How about to remove restrictions on sending pictures in a Mail or WhatsApp? And this is not a complete list of what is available on the device with джейлбрейком.

9. Application Piracy

Let's be honest: some users do the jailbreak iPhone and iPad hacked to enjoy the games and applications. We condemn such experiments, however, it is the current reality. In addition to all the changes in the level of the software platform эксплоит some hope for download pirated software devices.

10. A new experience

Incredible paradox. iOS may be the best mobile platform on the market and at the same time, very, very boring. And this degree of blame from Apple itself. The iPhone and iPad are is the same type in each of the same rows of icons, the same icons and menu. The device джейлбрейком more interesting, not only technical, but also from the practical point of view. Since the gadget with fewer restrictions where more attractive. As you connect to your iPhone or iPad joystick PS4 and play in the new shooter boxes remember commands on the mobile terminal or explore the effects of the home screen in the cylinder? Nobody says that the App Store offers little to games and entertainment applications, but jailbreak - fun and other special pleasure. And is it not for that, ultimately, the iPhone and iPad are purchased?

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