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Monday, 3 October 2016

Top 5 iOS10 hidden features for iPhone and iPad

Just yesterday we were talking about five new and useful features of iOS in October , and seeing the good reception given to the publication of our readers we have encouraged to explore in depth the mobile operating system Apple seeking more secret functions.

Yes, it is, secret functions. We have talked at length about all the news from the Messages application , the changes to the Screen Lock , the new style Notification Center and Widgets , and even the implementation of the new panels Control Center . But there are still many other hidden features in the mobile software from Apple.

That said, we started with the selection of 5 hidden features of iOS in October. We hope you serve useful!

1. Use your iPhone as a magnifying glass

IOS 10 you can use a virtual magnifying glass to read tiny text or search for any type of object in the real world. To do this, go to Settings> General> Accessibility> Magnifier and active function. Then all you need do is click three times on the Home button. And lets you use the flash! 😉

2. Search tabs in Safari

You probably know in advance that Apple implemented a system in iOS 10 to open as many tabs as you want in Safari. Well, there's also a search field to find the web pages of all your open tabs. Of course, it only works in Landscape mode (with the iPhone horizontally).

3. New area for Clock app

The renewed iOS Clock app 10 incorporates a new sphere for the stopwatch. Open Clock, Stopwatch enters and slide your finger to the left to see the new field. On the iPad only it works in Portrait mode (with the device vertically).

4. Prioritize downloading applications

Sometimes we accumulate dozens of updates in the App Store, and is somewhat uncomfortable to sit and wait for all downloads are completed. Therefore, in iOS 10 it has implemented a prioritization system for downloading applications via 3D Touch the icon of any app when downloading and clicking "Prioritizing download".

5. Contact with family and friends

Apple iOS 10  wanted to get easier when contact with our friends and family things. To set a default communication method hold down the blue button for each category (calls, messages, video and email).

More tricks of IOS 10

Finally we leave you with a couple of videos with very interesting tricks of IOS 10. Do not miss it , they are super useful! 🙂

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