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Saturday, 15 October 2016

Top 5 Reasons To Buy The iPhone 7

iPhone 7 became the most anticipated smartphone in the history of the rule. Apple phones are still ideal devices for games and digital entertainment, an excellent tool for professionals. A new generation of devices offered users a number of unique features.

To maintain the position of Apple tried not update the smartphone and give several murderer for hire. If you ask, is it worth spending the iPhone 7 Here are five reasons to buy a novelty.

1. Waterproof housing

We are all accustomed to негласному annual iPhone upgrade scenario. The new model always get a faster processor, better camera and some new features. Every two years change the form factor and, almost always, the new iPhone will be thinner and lighter. A new sequence number of the model, as a general rule, the test only appearance features, sold to the next generation of smart phones. iPhone 4 has a Retina display iPhone 5 - an increase in the screen, the Lightning port and support LTE, the iPhone 6 is larger screen and billing service Apple Pay. Main "trick" the iPhone 7 became a waterproof housing.

2. Improved camera with optical stabilization

On the iPhone 7 an improved main camera is presented. optical image stabilization (for the first time in compact) and f / 1.8 to provide the highest quality images. Smartphone camera allows you to shoot in low light conditions with ISO 100 and shutter speed as long as ¼ that the beneficial effect on the amount of noise in the image. Proper color temperature as the natural, and artificial lighting is defined very precisely.

3. Powerful stereo sound

iPhone 7 sounds great, thanks to the conversation speaker in the upper body is now a speaker. In combination with the speaker works in stereo. By subjective feeling, the iPhone volume was significantly higher, the sound volume added.

4. Higher quality and a brighter screen

Another advantage of the iPhone in July - screen, with the highest coverage of color. From the iMac and Apple iPad Pro features on their devices constantly support for DCI-P3 standard. DCI-P3 covers 25% of the colors of the visible spectrum, compared to the sRGB standard and coverage about the Adobe RGB. However, if the reserve provides a more saturated colors in the green part of the spectrum, DCI-P3 strong in red tones. IOS is integrated into a global system of color correction: all images are displayed according to the indication of their color profile. Accordingly, the content, lasting a wide range of colors, use the possibilities of full screen, and at the same time sRGB-standard images are not перенасыщенными.

The iPhone screen 7 also 25% brighter compared to the previous generation. Passport brightness and contrast are 625 cd / m2 and 1400: 1.

5. Record of autonomy

Due to the elimination of audio jacks battery capacity iPhone 7, it has increased by 14% (from 1715 to 1960 m · h). Together with an efficient processor A10 Fusion Apple provided a significant increase in battery life. Now, the iPhone battery 7 is enough for the whole day despite heavy use. In the test of the permanent reproduction of video format H. 264 energy saving Apple Core Fusion A10 shown in all its glory. With the support of enlarged battery in the new SoC extended the operating time of the device by 66% compared to the iPhone 6s. According to statistics from Apple, the duration of the work of the Group of Seven "has been increased to 2 hours compared to its predecessor.

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