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Thursday, 27 October 2016

Top 7 Windows programs, you must remove immediately

Maybe you're reading this on your Mac, but a laptop or a virtual machine with Windows, does not have, the more likely there. For example, to meet with the Microsoft operating system tasks that macOS solve quite problematic. In this case, it makes sense to use the guide to removing unnecessary Windows applications.

Especially - where to find these installed programs. If you have Windows XP, please remove all or you look for another job. If you have Windows 7, 8 or 10, go to Settings and type in the search "Programs" or "Delete". And another, will allow you to find the "Add or Remove Programs". Today we are interested in the part of "Elimination".

If you have downloaded the list for the first time, you can ask the abundance of each incomprehensible to the programs. It is normal - as Delfi writes, really a lot.

1. Microsoft Silverlight

Once the existence of different extensions and add-ons for browsers is simply required to access the sites. One of these supplements is Silverlight from Microsoft, however, today, this technology practically does not apply, since even Microsoft itself ceased to offer support in the web browser Edge in Windows 10, for example, no longer exists the word "all". So find and remove courage unlikely that internet sites have been right here require Silverlight.

2. All in the name of what's "toolbar"

Bing Bar, Google Toolbar for Internet Explorer, the Ask Toolbar, Yahoo Toolbar, toolbar babylon Yandex Toolbar- the name of the legion. All they do is захламляют operating system with its presence. You can delete resolutely, swiftly and mercilessly, as if these supplements is much, their removal will positively influence the speed.

3. Almost all in the name of what is "Cleaner"

Another class of programs, popular once, but today, basically useless - all sorts of "чистилки" that promise to speed teamwork and protect it from any contagion. Trojans complete antivirus better protect and clean the registry or delete temporary files in the century, when the free space on the hard drive is measured in terabytes, while memory - in gigabytes, in this case quite without perspective.

The only exception to this rule is if in memory, disk also, not rubber, leave the CCleaner and being. He is no longer the (r) t, which was once, but in certain situations, and as we said in the machines, can help.

4. Java

Another greeting from the past. If you work with some of the special programs or web services, Java may be necessary. But if you are a normal user, since the team needs Internet and display photos in playing games, Java can say "Come on, goodbye."

However, remember that it has been removed. If something suddenly stop running soon you must come down here to download and install again.

5. Skype Click to Call

If you do not use Skype, it is better to completely eliminate. Otherwise, it makes sense to give up this "snap" which can be useful only for those who changed it from Skype on your phone by default, and because of названивает with him, all numbers found only on the Internet. In the operation of Skype eliminate this plugin would have no effect, and work pc can start faster.

By the way, beware - Skype always tries to install the add-back to the first time.

6. QuickTime

QuickTime is not very popular in Windows, however, if for some reason is installed on the computer, the program is better to remove. Developers have discovered in QuickTime for Windows, two critical vulnerabilities allow remotely execute arbitrary code on the computer, after the opening of the web page or file. Today the attacks with the use of data breaches unregistered, however, will be tomorrow - unknown.

Despite the severity of vulnerabilities in Apple they are not going to correct, as they have decided to stop giving support QuickTime for Windows. The latest update of this application, which was released in January 2016, however, more updates, including bug fixes not planned. It is recommended that users no longer use this product. In this sense, QuickTime for Windows repeats the fate of Windows XP and Java.

7. "Trash", "program makers laptops, printers, etc.

Each manufacturer of laptops and many manufacturers of peripherals such as printers, cameras and other things, and норовят installed on the operating system of all kinds of trash, and put together with Windows, in fact at the factory. Often understand that this is a little help and what not - is difficult. In this case it is recommended to install a simple utility Should I Remove It ?, that will perform the audit of installed programs and tells him worth preserving, and that it is useless and even harmful.

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