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Saturday, 29 October 2016

Top Accessories for your Apple Pencil

The Apple Pencil is a fabulous drawing tool that came with the launch of the iPad Pro. But it is also an easy to lose ...

For the same reason in this article we will recommend a series of accessories, bags and cases for Apple Pencil.

There are dozens of really useful accessories for Apple Pencil , but we have wanted to select the best. Do not miss it!

Apple Pencil: the best accessories

1. Case

This great case is specially designed for the Apple iPad Pencil Pro. It offers total protection and is made of synthetic leather and microfiber. It costs 9.99 €.

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2. Classic Case

Here we recommend a more classic case, made of high quality leather and available in brown and black colors. The price is € 7.69.

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3. Cover charger

In this pack you will find 3 tapas for Apple Lightning Pencil USB charger and is currently in promotion so you will cost only € 9.99.

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4. Rubber Case

We continue with another cover, this time it is ergonomically designed a sleeve made of rubber. Excellent protection against scratches and provides a great grip. It costs € 7.29.

Amazon | Buy

5. case

The company MoKo case is built with waterproof leather with microfiber interior. It also has an elastic strap to keep Pencil and Apple Lightning USB cable. It costs 11.59 €.

Amazon | Buy

6. Dock


This dock for Apple Pencil has a simple and minimalist design that blends perfectly with the design of Apple stylus. It has a removable base for the Lightning USB cable is easy to replace. It costs € 18.85.

Amazon | Buy

Which of these accessories for Apple Pencil did you like best? What do you think the stylus iPad Pro? Share your experience with us.

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